Hafi Elektra introduced and started manufacturing Suction Unit required for Textile Industry since 1988. More than three decades of manufacturing experience and in house technical know-how capabilities, Market Understandings and looking after potential opportunities and challenges in the Dedusting as well as Manual Cleaning areas specially for the industrial applications and Solutions, Hafi designed and developed wide range of Equipment.

Hafi Elektra makes Hafi Elektra - Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Systems, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Dust Extractors, Fume Extractors, Flux Recovery Unit, Coolant Recycling Units, Commercial Cleaning Equipment etc. are taking care requirement of every Segment in Industrial as well as Housekeeping Cleaning etc.

Hafi Elektra also manufactures Rotary Vane Pumps & Multistage Blowers required for the Vacuum Cleaners. We have supplied machines as per the customer's need and their specifications for the turnkey projects, as the underlined motto of our company is to not just sell machines but cleaning solutions.

We have exported various units to U.K, Italy, CIS, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Mauritius, Singapore, U.A.E, Brazil, others ...

Automatic Wet Floor Cleaners

Automatic wet floor cleaners, often referred to as robotic mops, are devices designed to clean floors without human intervention. These devices have gained popularity due to their convenience and efficiency.

Key features of Automatic Wet Floor Cleaners :

Navigation and Mapping : Advanced models use LIDAR, cameras, or gyroscopes to navigate and create maps of your home for efficient cleaning. Some models have the ability to remember multiple floor plans.

Water Management : Tanks for clean water and dirty water to ensure effective cleaning. Control over water flow to prevent oversaturation of floors.

Cleaning Modes : Various cleaning modes such as spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and scheduled cleaning. Ability to set no-go zones and virtual barriers.

Suction and Mop Power : Adjustable suction power and mop pressure to tackle different types of dirt and stains. Some models have vibrating or rotating mop heads for better scrubbing action.

Benefits of Automatic Wet Floor Cleaners :

Time and Labor Savings : They reduce the need for manual labor, freeing up staff for other tasks.

Consistent Cleaning : Automated cleaners provide consistent cleaning performance, ensuring high standards of cleanliness.

Scheduling Flexibility : Many models offer programmable schedules, allowing cleaning to occur during off-peak hours or when spaces are unoccupied.

Efficiency : They are often equipped with sensors and navigation systems that optimize cleaning routes, avoiding obstacles and covering areas thoroughly.

Maintenance of Automatic Wet Floor Cleaners :

Maintaining automatic wet floor cleaners, like robotic mops and wet/dry vacuums, ensures they operate efficiently and last longer. Consistent maintenance of automatic wet floor cleaners enhances their efficiency, ensures they perform optimally, and extends their lifespan.

1. Regular Cleaning : Empty the dustbin and rinse the water tank after each use to prevent mold and odors. Clean or replace mop pads regularly. Wash reusable pads as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean filters regularly and replace them as recommended by the manufacturer. This prevents blockages and maintains suction power.

2. Sensor Maintenance : Clean the sensors with a soft, dry cloth to ensure the device navigates correctly and avoids obstacles. Ensure no dirt or debris is blocking the sensors, which could impair functionality.

3. Brush and Roller Care : Clean the main brush, side brushes, and rollers of hair, threads, and debris to prevent tangling and wear. Check brushes and rollers for wear and replace them if necessary to maintain optimal cleaning performance.

4. Battery Care : Keep the battery charged to avoid deep discharge, which can shorten battery life. If storing for an extended period, ensure the battery is charged to about 50% to 70% and store in a cool, dry place.

5. General Maintenance : Regularly inspect the device for water leaks, which can damage electronic components. Ensure wheels are free of debris and can move freely. Clean as necessary. Recalibrate the device if it starts to perform erratically or fails to cover the entire cleaning area.

Automatic Wet Floor Cleaners applications :

Automatic wet floor cleaners, often referred to as robotic mops or robotic floor cleaners, have a wide range of applications across different environments. These devices are designed to automate the task of floor cleaning, making them valuable in various settings. Here are some key applications:

Residential Use, Commercial Use like Offices, Retail Stores, Hospitals and Clinics, Hospitality Industries like Hotels, Restaurants, Educational Institutions like Schools and Universities, Industrial Uses for Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Airports and Train Stations, Gyms and Fitness Centers, Libraries and Museums etc.