MT SERIES ( Multi Stage Turbine )
MT SERIES ( Multi Stage Turbine )

MT SERIES ( Multi Stage Turbine )

INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANER MT SERIES (Multi Stage Turbine) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Multi Stage Turbine Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

MT Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Hafi Elektra introduced and started manufacturing Suction Unit required for Textile Industry since 1988. More than three decades of manufacturing experience and in house technical know-how capabilities, Market Understandings and looking after potential opportunities and challenges in the Dedusting as well as Manual Cleaning areas specially for the industrial applications and Solutions , Hafi designed and developed wide range of Equipment.

Hafi Elektra make Hafi Elektra - Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Systems, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Dust Extractors, Fume Extractors, Flux Recovery Unit, Coolant Recycling Units , Commercial Cleaning Equipment etc. are taking care requirement of every Segment in Industrial as well as Housekeeping Cleaning etc.

Hafi Elektra also manufacture Rotary Vane Pumps & Multi stage Blowers required for the Vacuum Cleaners. We have supplied machines as per the customer's need and their specifications for the turnkey projects, as the underlined motto of our company is to not just to sell machines but cleaning solutions.

We have exported various units to U.K, Italy, CIS, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Mauritius, Singapore, U.A.E, Brazil, others.

Multi Stage Turbine Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Multi-stage turbines are commonly used in industrial vacuum cleaners to generate the necessary suction or vacuum power. These vacuum cleaners are designed for heavy-duty applications where large volumes of air and debris need to be efficiently removed.

Working of Multi-stage Turbines Industrial Vacuum cleaners :

Industrial vacuum cleaners have an intake port or nozzle through which air and debris are drawn in. The design of the intake system is crucial to ensuring efficient air flow and debris capture. Before air enters the turbine, it typically passes through a filter system. This system can consist of one or more filters designed to trap dust, particles, and other contaminants. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are often used to ensure that the exhaust air is clean and free of fine particles.

The heart of the industrial vacuum cleaner is the multi-stage turbine. This turbine is designed to create a strong vacuum by rapidly moving air through a series of stages. Each stage of the turbine adds to the overall suction power.

Turbines can have several stages, and the specific design can vary between manufacturers. The turbine is driven by a powerful electric motor that provides the necessary rotational energy to create suction. These motors are designed to handle continuous operation in industrial settings. The air, along with the debris, is drawn into the turbine and subjected to the centrifugal force generated by the rotating blades. This force separates the debris from the air, and the debris is collected in a dustbin or container. Some industrial vacuum cleaners may use a cyclonic separation method to further separate debris from the airflow.

The cleaned air is then expelled from the vacuum cleaner. As mentioned earlier, it passes through filters to ensure that it's free of particles before being released back into the environment. This is essential in applications where maintaining air quality is critical.

The use of multi-stage turbines in industrial vacuum cleaners allows for the generation of high levels of suction power, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. These vacuum cleaners are used in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, woodworking, and more, to efficiently remove dust, debris, and other contaminants from work areas and equipment.

The specific features and capabilities of industrial vacuum cleaners can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, so it's essential to choose a vacuum cleaner that suits the specific needs of your industrial application.

Benefits of Multi Stage Turbine INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANERS

Multi-stage turbines in industrial vacuum cleaners offer several benefits that make them advantageous for specific applications.

1. High Suction Power : Multi-stage turbines generate significant suction power, allowing them to efficiently remove dust, debris, and other contaminants from surfaces. This makes them suitable for demanding industrial cleaning tasks.

2. Improved Filtration : Multi-stage turbine vacuum cleaners often incorporate advanced filtration systems, such as HEPA filters or cyclonic separators, which can capture fine particles and allergens, ensuring a cleaner and healthier working environment.

3. Versatility : Multi-stage turbines can handle a wide range of materials, including both dry and wet substances. They are versatile enough to clean various surfaces and handle different types of debris, making them useful in diverse industrial settings.

4. Durability : Industrial vacuum cleaners with multi-stage turbines are designed for heavy-duty use. They are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments and are typically more robust and durable compared to consumer-grade vacuum cleaners.

5. Energy Efficiency : Multi-stage turbines can provide high suction power while being relatively energy efficient. They can efficiently capture contaminants without consuming excessive power, helping to reduce operational costs.

6. Quiet Operation : Some multi-stage turbine vacuum cleaners are engineered to operate with reduced noise levels compared to traditional industrial vacuum systems. This can be important for workplaces where noise pollution is a concern.

7. Longevity : The design and construction of multi-stage turbines often lead to longer service life and reduced maintenance requirements, saving both time and money in the long run.

8. Safety : Industrial vacuum cleaners with multi-stage turbines are typically equipped with safety features, such as overload protection, to prevent damage to the motor and ensure safe operation.

9. Customization : Many multi-stage turbine vacuum systems can be customized to meet specific industrial cleaning needs. This may include options for different hose lengths, nozzle attachments, and collection container sizes.

10. Compliance : In some industries, compliance with regulations regarding air quality and cleanliness is crucial. Multi-stage turbine vacuum cleaners can help businesses meet these requirements by effectively removing contaminants and improving overall indoor air quality.

It's essential to select the right industrial vacuum cleaner with a multi-stage turbine based on your specific application and cleaning requirements to maximize these benefits. Different models may offer varying levels of performance, filtration capabilities, and customization options to suit your needs.

Application industries of Multi Stage Turbine INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANERS

Multi-stage turbine industrial vacuum cleaners are versatile machines used in various industries and applications where the efficient removal of dust, debris, and other particulate matter is essential.

Some of the application industries for these vacuum cleaners include:

1. Manufacturing and Production Facilities :
» Metalworking: Removing metal shavings, dust, and coolant from machining operations.

» Woodworking: Cleaning sawdust and wood chips in woodworking shops.

» Plastic Manufacturing: Collecting plastic granules and dust during production.

» Electronics Manufacturing: Safely removing fine dust and debris from sensitive electronic components and assemblies.

2. Construction and Renovation :
» Construction Sites: Cleaning up construction debris, concrete dust, and drywall dust.

» Renovation Projects: Removing debris and fine dust during building renovations.

» Demolition Sites: Clearing dust and debris generated during demolition work.

3. Automotive and Aerospace :
» Auto Repair Shops: Cleaning workshops, removing oil and coolant spills, and collecting dust from sanding and grinding.

» Aerospace Manufacturing: Eliminating contaminants in cleanrooms and collecting debris from composites and metalworking processes.

4. Pharmaceutical and Food Processing :
» Pharmaceuticals: Maintaining cleanliness in pharmaceutical production areas, labs, and cleanrooms.

» Food Processing: Cleaning food production facilities, removing spilled ingredients, and maintaining hygiene standards.

5. Chemical and Petrochemical :
» Chemical Plants: Managing spills, removing hazardous materials, and maintaining a clean environment.

» Petrochemical Refineries: Collecting catalyst dust, managing waste, and ensuring safety in high-risk areas.

6. Printing and Paper Industries :
» Print Shops: Removing paper dust, ink particles, and waste materials from printing processes.

» Paper Mills: Managing paper dust and waste products during paper production.

7. Healthcare and Laboratories :
» Hospitals and Clinics: Maintaining cleanliness in healthcare facilities, including operating rooms, laboratories, and patient rooms.

» Research Labs: Collecting hazardous materials, chemicals, and biological waste in research and testing environments.

8. Mining and Quarrying :
» Mines: Removing dust and debris generated during mining operations.

» Quarries: Cleaning up stone, sand, and aggregate dust in quarrying facilities.

9. Agriculture :
» Farms and Grain Storage: Managing grain and feed dust, as well as cleaning barns and livestock areas.

» Agribusiness: Handling dust and waste in processing and packaging agricultural products.

10. Environmental Cleanup :
» Hazardous Material Cleanup: Removing hazardous materials, spills, and pollutants from environmental incidents.

Multi-stage turbine industrial vacuum cleaners are favored in these industries due to their ability to provide strong suction power, handle large volumes of debris, and maintain a clean and safe working environment. They are often equipped with HEPA filters and other specialized features to meet industry-specific safety and environmental requirements.

This is a powerful, robust, yet compact and manoeuvrable and ideally suited for wide range of cleaning and dust extraction duties in industry. The exhauster driven by a motor, makes it the perfect machine for those jobs where a really high power suction is required either for collecting heavy material or for connection to a semi-fixed pipe system.

With the aid of a 50 mm hose pipe connected with a suitable accessory tool, the cleaner picks up Dust, Metallic shaving, clips, Cotton rags greasy industrial waste, high viscosity oil, liquid spillages powders etc. both directly from the machines as well as from industrial flooring. A mechanical preseperator directs the heavy particles and the liquids straight into collecting container. The subsequent cloth filter retains the fine particles. The filtrations system is based on fabric, suspended from a manual shaker mechanism to relieve filter clogging.

The machine is widely accepted in Engineering Automobiles, Pharmaceutical, powerstation, Atomic Energy, Ship Building, etc. The machine is extremely low in maintenance. It can be run continuously. Hose pipe can be extended upto 10 - 15 mirs. & above depending on application.

Hafi Elektra takes pride in being a leading name in the design, manufacturing, and export of cutting-edge Multi Stage Turbine Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. These robust cleaning solutions are engineered to meet the diverse needs of industrial settings, offering unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Our Multi Stage Turbine Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a testament to Hafi Elektra's commitment to innovation. The advanced turbine technology ensures powerful suction capabilities across multiple stages, effectively tackling a wide range of industrial debris and contaminants. This design not only enhances the cleaning efficiency but also prolongs the life of the equipment, making it a cost-effective choice for industrial facilities.

Hafi Elektra's dedication to quality is evident in the meticulous manufacturing process. Each component is crafted with precision and durability in mind, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting solution for industrial cleaning challenges. The vacuum cleaners are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, making them ideal for sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and pharmaceuticals.

As a global exporter, Hafi Elektra delivers these state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners to clients worldwide, contributing to cleaner and safer industrial environments. Choose Hafi Elektra for Multi Stage Turbine Industrial Vacuum Cleaners that redefine efficiency, durability, and performance in industrial cleaning solutions.

Basic set accessories for machine cleaning

PVC Flexible Hose 50 mm 5 Mtr/- 1 No
PVC Straight Nozzle 1 mtr. long - 1 No
PVC Bend Nozzle - 1 No, 1/2 Flat Nozzle - 1 No
Reducer - 1 No, Hose Coupler - 1 Set
Special Accesories available at extra cost
Cyclonic Separator, Special Filters, Interceptor for Liquid, Special collecting tools. Hepa filters, etc