Coolant / Swarf Filtration & Recycling Machines
Coolant / Swarf Filtration & Recycling Machines

The ‘hafi Kamel. quickly pays for itself, and never stops saving you money!

The ‘Kamel’ makes regular cleaning an easy and quick operation.

What are the benefits of using the ‘hafi Kamel’ mobile clarifier?

Much longer coolant life - substantial savings in coolant costs.
Better coolant hygiene - reducing health hazards. Longer tool life.
Less down time.
Improved finish.

What does the 'hafi Kamel' Mobile Clarifier do?

It extracts coolant, chips and swarf from sumps and settling tanks; filters the coolant; returns clean coolant; all in one continuous operation - 50 gallons in ten minutes, start to finish, on sumps regularly cleaned.

Under controlled conditions it can also extaract from one machine and deliver to another cutting time still more.

It never overflows.

It is mobile and goes anywhere - even in high-density layouts.

It can pump direct from drums and barrels into sumps or other containers.

It can be used as a vaccum cleaner to clean up spillages and overflows from the floor.

The ‘Kamel’ has a capacity of 50 gallons (227 litres). A larger model, with a capacity of 100 gallons (454 litres) is also available.

Look at these advantages :

The ‘Kamel’ is mobile and very easy to use.

It makes sump or setting tank cleaning a matter of minutes instead of hours.

It will extract from a pit depending on sludge density and liquid viscosity.

It reduces maintenance time.

The ‘Kamel’ can be wheeled to working distance of any machine even in high-density layouts. It plugs into any power point: total consumption is only 1910 Watts Max.

The ‘Kamel’ is very versatile — it extracts liquids, chips, swarf, and dirt - filters out solids pumps clean liquid from body tank or from outside container. Easy swarf disposal an excess swarf bucket within the main filter bucket ensures that loaded buckets can be lifted out by hand.

Minimum maintenance ensured by skilful design and practical construction.

Mains cable, an intake and delivery hoses, are all stowed on sensible cleats and hooks when, not is use.

Extended handlebar gives easy and accurate control of movement.

Tool basket mounted below the handlebar keeps ail nozzles handy and safe.