Hafi Elektra introduced and started manufacturing Suction Unit required for Textile Industry since 1988. More than three decades of manufacturing experience and in house technical know-how capabilities, Market Understandings and looking after potential opportunities and challenges in the Dedusting as well as Manual Cleaning areas specially for the industrial applications and Solutions, Hafi designed and developed wide range of Equipment.

Hafi Elektra makes Hafi Elektra - Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Systems, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Dust Extractors, Fume Extractors, Flux Recovery Unit, Coolant Recycling Units, Commercial Cleaning Equipment etc. are taking care requirement of every Segment in Industrial as well as Housekeeping Cleaning etc.

Hafi Elektraalso manufactures Rotary Vane Pumps & Multistage Blowers required for the Vacuum Cleaners. We have supplied machines as per the customer's need and their specifications for the turnkey projects, as the underlined motto of our company is to not just sell machines but cleaning solutions.

We have exported various units to U.K, Italy, CIS, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Mauritius, Singapore, U.A.E, Brazil, others...

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are robust and heavy-duty cleaning devices designed for demanding environments like factories, warehouses, construction sites, and other industrial settings. They are engineered to handle larger volumes of dust, debris, liquids, and even hazardous materials that standard household vacuums cannot manage. Here are some key aspects and types of industrial vacuum cleaners:

Key Features of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners :

Industrial vacuums have strong motors that provide high suction power to tackle tough cleaning tasks. They are made with heavy-duty materials to withstand harsh conditions and frequent use. Equipped with large collection bins or tanks to hold more debris and reduce the frequency of emptying.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have advanced filters, including HEPA filters, to capture fine particles and maintain air quality. They can handle a variety of materials, including liquids, powders, and hazardous substances.

Hafi Elektra offer a series of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners like Multi Stage Turbine) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, SC Series (Direct Drive) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Textile Vacuum Cleaners, Centralized Vacuum Cleaner and many more.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are used in various application sectors like Manufacturing, Construction, Warehouses, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Automotive etc.