Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

The wet & dry vacklin series are Commercial Vacuum Cleaners for medium and large areas. The vacklin series was designed according to up-to-the-minute perspectives and view points of cleaning technology and offers a great many possibilities of application. The vacklin series are equipped with special tools for specific cleaning jobs. Whatever you require to pick up, we have the accessories to help you to get it done.

It makes no difference if it has to swallow wet or dry, coarse or fine dirt, glass splinters, stones, metal chips, dust-the small vacuum cleaner with its enormous performance vacuums just everything, doing a powerful and clean job. This is because the dust is collected directly in mettalic container and not bag, hence preventing ferquent filter clogging. The vacklin series are not only perfect in its performance but also offers the advantages of easy manoeuverability. Equipped with a heavy duty all welded tubular chassis of unequalled strength and suitable for movement over any sort of surface, inside or out. A squeeze tool that can be installed easily guarantees high volume floor nozzle for cleaning a wide swath in just one pass. It has a specifically designed tank which can be tipped back for easy emptying.

The vacklin series can be used for garages, car washing, schools, departmental stores, workshops, carpets cleaning, suction of sea / rain water from buildings, yards, water tank cleaning, etc. This specifications has been appreciated by industrialists, farmers, heating engineers, chimney sweepers and the like for many years.

Rapid service ex-factory : Due to unit assembly systems, all parts and basic unit assembly groups are promptly deliverable on call.

Hafi Elektra stands out as a distinguished player in the commercial vacuum cleaner industry, excelling as both a designer and manufacturer. Renowned for innovation, their vacuum cleaners combine cutting-edge technology with robust design, catering to diverse commercial cleaning needs. As a committed exporter, Hafi Elektra ensures global access to their high-performance products. The company's dedication to quality craftsmanship and user-centric design sets them apart in the competitive market. Whether it's industrial settings, hospitality, or healthcare, Hafi Elektra's commercial vacuum cleaners offer reliability and efficiency. Elevate your cleaning standards with Hafi Elektra's precision-engineered solutions, setting a new benchmark in commercial cleaning equipment.