Heavy Duty MT Series

Elektra Vac Flux Recovery System have proven themselves as the most essential accessory to the entire Sub-Arc Welding process. They save value of flux, helps make better welds and produce alll important saving in man hours. Flux Recovery unit keep abrasive flux away from moving parts on the welding ring. These systems are capable of separating out slag and fine flux returning only the clean reusable flux to the hopper. Hafi elektra Flux Recovery Unit are for large/small flux recovery operations models start from 2 HP and extend upto 7.5 HP and are designed to run 24/7. We offer both portable and fixed (stationary) units.

Primary Separator

To ensure efficient separation of reusable flux from slag and flux. The primary separator isolates slag and fused particles and enhance the removal flux flour. It also acts as a collection hopper for unused flux & separation efficiency for finer flux grades. The primary separator allows reusable fine flux to settle, ensuring complete separation from the flux.

Applications :

Submerged Arc Welding Machine
Beam Welding Machine
Column & Boom Flux Recovery System

Advantages / Features :

Very robust construction & compact unit.
Superior filtration with large surface.
Belt Driven - Multistage Turbine.
Available in both Stationary & Portable models.
Heating Coil / Jacket System for preheat the flux (optional).
Recovers all unused flux.
Greatly reduces clean up time.
Mesh filter for separation of welding wire/slag is provided as standard.

Optional Features :

Magnetic Separator :
Magnetic filter stops the metal debris mixed in the Welding flux returning only the slag free clean reusable flux to the hopper.

Heating Coil / Jacket :
Welding flux heated by the heating Coil / Jacketed with temperature adjust by control panel.